Every job is unique. From beginning to end, each is given every attention to detail, because we know we are constructing not only buildings, but also the dreams of our clients. 

 J. A. Moss Construction offers construction related services ranging from traditional design-bid-build to economical design-build to the innovative concept of “Partnering”. We also offer construction management for complex, "fast-tracked" industrial projects. So when it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get down to business, we’ve got what it takes to make it look easy. 


Design | Bid | Build

The most common form of construction contracting involves competitive bidding.

The traditional organization of the roles of architects, engineers and contractors is a prudent system and is often the best method for a project. The bidding documents are prepared by an architect/engineer and made available to the prospective contractor bidders. After analysis of the construction documents, a proposal or bid is delivered to the owner and selection of the contractor is made.

J. A. Moss has successfully completed many projects in this manner. Please see our “Projects” window for a complete list of jobs and references.

Design - Build

A design-build project combines the responsibility of designing and building with a single entity.

Typically, this type of service is provided by a contractor associated with an architect/engineer or with the assistance of an in-house design professional. The result of eliminating the “bid” portion of the equation is saved time and money. Often construction can begin at an accelerated pace and adapt to changes quicker than the traditional method. Without a doubt this delivery method saves the client money.

J. A. Moss has numerous design-build projects in our resume. Projects range from industrial to commercial and from as small as 7,000 square feet to as large as 110,000 square feet. The possibilities are as limitless as the owner’s imagination and J. A. Moss can accommodate your fantasies.



Partnering is a new way of organizing the roles of architects, engineers and contractors.

It reduces risk and owner costs in a build-to-suit project. Partnering improves the way that design professionals and contractors communicate. It allows input from subcontractors and material suppliers that can benefit the owner by reducing effort and cost. The most knowledgeable practitioners are those that deal with a particular discipline on a regular basis. It is this premise upon which partnering is based. Solid recommendations and expertise can aid the design professional and the contractor in producing a quality job within your budget.

J. A. Moss is currently performing a contract under this delivery method. It is gratifying to participate in such an amiable and productive project.


Construction Management

A construction manager is an added participant in the construction process who is employed by the owner to oversee and administer the project in its entirety.

A contractor can serve as construction manager and also perform parts of the construction. The construction manager aids the owner in evaluating financing, design and construction. This method of delivery may be best suited for technically challenging projects in the private sector. Certain complex industrial jobs have benefited using construction management by increased coordination of the work and therefore reducing the time required.

J. A. Moss is an appropriate choice for your construction manager. We offer over a hundred years of experience in construction, financing and design and the added advantage of a personal relationship. Trust and integrity is the key and J. A. Moss can unlock the door for you.


New Construction & Renovation

J. A. Moss Construction Company is a regional leader in traditional construction practices as well as innovative new techniques.

We can satisfy your construction needs through new construction and renovation - industrial or commercial. Please contact one of our construction professionals for a personal, on-site visit today. 


Industrial & Commercial

Successful completion of Commercial and industrial construction depends on management control of every detail from feasibility studies to permitting.  

Yet they present their own unique set of requirements. J.A. Moss is experienced in both large and small-scale commercial and industrial projects from design to quality control and material sourcing. We’re  guarantee the highest standards while meeting specific needs and budget requirements.