Jim's champion's spirit and sense of teamwork are prevalent both on and off the construction site.

Jim's champion's spirit and sense of teamwork are prevalent both on and off the construction site.

J.A.Moss • Mississippi

President, J.A. Moss Construction

Jim Moss entered the construction field as a member of Priester Construction Company in 1985.  The name of the company changed to Moss-Priester Construction Company in 1989, and then to J. A. Moss Construction Company, Inc. in 1990.

A message on the JA Moss hall bulletin board sums up all you need to know about Jim Moss. It reads: "Respect For Self.  Respect For Others. Responsibility for all of your actions.”  This philosophy seems to have worked well for Jim and all involved with JA Moss.

His top-down ideology that fairness and skill will build long-term relationships, garners respect from co-workers and clients alike. But never underestimate Jim based on his modesty. He has a champion’s spirit both on and off the construction site. A lifelong sportsman, Jim has an impressive basketball record from High School - National Senior League and the “bling” to prove it. 

You would be hard pressed to get Jim to list his many accomplishments, however his clients are quick to tell sing his praises with quotes such as this:

"Your company exemplifies professionalism with a southern smile. You and your staff of professional, yet warm people…exhibit the tenacity, analytical ability and communication skills. We appreciated your ‘hands on' involvement throughout the whole building process. I am proud to tell each and every one of them that JA Moss Construction Company was our builder. You made this project easy. Your professionalism, integrity and business practices are exceptional. Quality work is something you hope for…well, you delivered!"

Jim lives in the historic Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson with his wife, Durden. They attend Galloway United Methodist Church, and while their children are grown, the grandchildren are still keeping them young.